A Letter from the Voke Team Regarding Covid 19

To all our Voke Friends,

During this uniquely uncertain time, the Voke team has you and your families in our thoughts. We hope you’re staying safe, healthy and doing what you can to limit the spread of Covid-19. We realize some folks (including many Voke customers) are doing work they cannot do from home. We thank medical workers, first responders, law enforcement, retail staff, shipping employees, and countless others who are keeping the world intact.

As a small family run business, we are trying to do what little we can to help out. We’ve donated our warehouse’s supply of face masks and gloves to a hospital in Portland. We’re also in the process of sending Voke to a number of medical workers to help them get through long shifts. If you know of others who are working on the front lines and would benefit from a Voke care package, please let us know by emailing kalen@voketab.com and we will ship it out.

We are also offering 20% off Voke through April 10th (Code: Voke20). Hopefully, we can help you focus and stay upbeat, whether you are working from home or elsewhere.


Kalen Caughey

Founder & President

Voke Superfood

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