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Common Questions

With so many claims out there, how do I know VOKE works?

We carefully chose VOKE’s active superfoods based on an extensive review of published independent scientific studies demonstrating each ingredients’ efficacy. We kept the recipe healthy and simple, avoiding excessive amounts of unnecessary ingredients with unproven benefits or unwanted side effects. Unlike many supplements, you will feel a vitalizing effect within 20 minutes of taking VOKE. Additionally, you’ll experience a long-term improvement to your daily well-being the longer you use the product. Read more about the science behind our ingredients here.

How does taking VOKE help me?

VOKE provides daily nourishment in the form of superfoods to support your mind, mood and body. VOKE helps you be at your best all day by reducing the symptoms of fatigue and supporting bright mood, better decision making and sharper focus. Over time, VOKE provides your body with important nutrition to support brain health, immune system, weight control and consistent daily energy levels.

When will I start feeling something?

Most people feel the VOKE effect within 20 minutes and continue to feel an elevated effect for three hours. With that being said, everybody has a different metabolism and should adjust taking VOKE based on their results. After one month of taking two VOKE per day, most people will notice an overall sense of improved well-being and productivity throughout the day.

How are the benefits to the ingredients in VOKE validated?

Each ingredient in VOKE has benefits shown through independently researched and peer reviewed scientific studies. We provide the most relevant studies to you on our Ingredients Page. If you have additional questions on the research behind VOKE, or have research you would like us to consider, please email us at

Is VOKE safe and are there any side-effects?

Unlike many supplements, VOKE uses only healthy, proven ingredients at moderate and responsible levels. VOKE’s plant based active ingredients provide a noticeable uplifting effect to your mood, focus and mental clarity, without jitters, stained teeth or upset stomach. VOKE does contain a moderate amount of caffeine (77mg), which is similar to a strong cup of tea or small cup of coffee. Natural caffeine releases more slowly in the body, proving a subtle lift in energy. We have heard from a number of customers who are extra sensitive to caffeine (coffee is too much) that have found breaking one tablet in half delivers an excellent effect.

What Does VOKE Taste Like?

VOKE has a unique natural citrus/berry flavor. We do not add sugar, and keep our ingredients clean and healthy so expect a distinctive natural flavor. VOKE has lots of Vitamin C and Acerola Cherry, so it may remind you of a chewable Vitamin C tablet.

When is the best time to take VOKE?

We suggest you start by taking two tablets per day, one 90 minutes after you wake up and then another tablet midafternoon between 2 and 4 PM. This timing is based on extensive scientific research on natural daily body cycles that reduce mental focus, lower mood and reduce decision making at certain times of the day. Read more about why VOKE works here.

What makes VOKE different from other supplements?

VOKE is a chewable botanical superfood. It helps you feel better right away, and promotes long term body and brain health. The benefits of each superfood in VOKE have been shown through independent, peer reviewed scientific studies.

I see VOKE is used by a lot of top level athletes. Is it for 'normal' people as well?

Absolutely. VOKE is a safe, natural and effective superfood that helps with physical endurance, reaction time, alertness and task based focus without unwanted side effects. This is why professional athletes and elite operators have used VOKE all around the world to work at their very best. VOKE delivers these same benefits to people working in the office, working out, attending meetings, driving etc. etc. VOKE uses the right amount of the right ingredients to keep you at your best all-day.

Will VOKE make me jittery?

VOKE contains a moderate amount of Green Tea Leaf Caffeine and a pure Organic Guarana Berry Seed (which adds only about 2mg of natural caffeine to the 75mg of GT Caffeine). For most all of our customers, VOKE’s unique formula provides an exceptionally smooth, jitter free boost to mental focus and energy. We have heard directly from a number of our customers who find coffee to be too jittery, yet they have no such problem with VOKE.


Who should take VOKE?

VOKE is an excellent option for those who need to stay productive and in good spirits throughout their day and demand healthy, natural options. Our customers include busy moms, working professionals, athletes, students and entrepreneurs. VOKE helps you feel better throughout your day and nourishes your mind and body.

Is VOKE safe to take when pregnant?

While VOKE contains a moderate amount of natural caffeine, no product or food containing caffeine is recommended to take while pregnant. You should consult your doctor for specific guidance and recommendations.

How do I know VOKE Tab is safe?

We strictly follow all of the guidelines mandated by the FDA. VOKE is produced in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities, which guarantees a high and consistent level of quality through testing of the product and individual ingredients at multiple stages of the manufacturing process. All GMP certified production facilities undergo routine FDA audits. Nothing is left to chance.

How Much VOKE should I Take daily?

We suggest you start by taking two tablets per day, one 90 minutes after you wake up and then another tablet midafternoon around 2 PM. For extra long days consider taking a third tab at 5pm. The right quantity depends on you, and you can adjust how many you take to reach your best result. Space each tablet three hours apart. If you are extra sensitive to caffeine (coffee is too much) try taking a half tab twice a day.

Is VOKE Gluten Free?

Yes, but while none of our ingredients include gluten we are not yet certified gluten free.

Is VOKE Healthy?

Yes! VOKE was made to provide a functional superfood alternative to other less healthy options for mental performance and energy levels. VOKE contains no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors and only 2 calories per tab. VOKE’s vitalizing effect comes from just 4 natural active ingredients: Whole Organic Guarana Seed, Organic Acerola Cherry, Red Beetroot and Green Tea Leaf Caffeine. We scoured the earth to find the highest quality ingredients and carefully formulated VOKE to have just what you need to feel great all day... with nothing you don’t want to put in your body.

I have trouble swallowing pills, will these be difficult for me?

Tabs (tablets) are easy to take any time. You don’t need to take them with water, and work well for those who cannot swallow pills.

Where is the product manufactured?

Every VOKE is made in the USA. We work with top tier manufacturers that specialize in producing premium supplements. VOKE’s manufacturer’s go above and beyond the most rigorous standards mandated by the FDA.

How and where should I store my VOKE Tabs?

VOKE contains superfood ingredients that may absorb humidity if left out in hot humid climates. Sachet packs have been designed to resist humidity, and can be taken when travelling. Ideally you should store your tablets in a cool and dry area with minimal sun exposure.

VOKE used to be sold in tins. What happened to them?

In early 2019, we switched from 7 tablet tins to 6 tablet packets. We loved the tins that kept your VOKE at hand for many years now, but we made way for a better way to store your daily supply of vitalizing focus.  You may be wondering why we are switching to sachets from tins.  To name just a few reasons:

1. Function
VOKE provides the most significant benefit when taken twice per day.  Taking a VOKE in the morning and mid-afternoon is the best way to maintain focus, a clear mind, and an upbeat mood through the day. Each packet provides 3 daily servings.

2. Convenience
Sachets make it easy-breezy to take a tablet twice per day no matter where you work or how you play.  Our 30 count boxes come with a handy dispenser at the bottom, so pull out your daily VOKE sachet as you head out for your work (or workout).  Read about body timing science (Why VOKE Works), and learn why taking a tablet twice per day helps your mind and body function throughout the day.

3. Shelf-Life/Freshness
Some of you may have noticed that VOKE Tabs will absorb moisture from humidity in certain climates when stored in our tins. Fortunately, sachets are bomb proof against moisture, keeping your VOKE Tabs safe from humidity regardless of storage conditions. A 2 tablet pack instead of a seven tab tin also means that once you open a packet, fewer tabs are exposed to the moisture, leading to a fresher experience. We will offer the sachets in boxes with 5 packets of 6 chewables (30 chewables/box).

4. Improved Flavor
We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with hundreds of our customers (maybe you!) about what you love and what you think could be improved with VOKE.  We received strong love for the vitalizing benefits and healthy ingredients, but some folks thought the taste could use a tune-up. By adjusting the levels of our natural flavors and sweeteners, we managed to improve the taste of tablets, making them less bitter, while keeping it free from any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. The new sachets help keep the tablets fresh and tasty!

What do you offer for International Shipping?

At this time we offer international shipping only to Cananda. Please note that the delivery time can vary greatly from 2-5 weeks due to customs and delivery variations. For USPS First Class International, shipments are delivered by a domestic postal service once delivered to the destination country.


What do VOKE’s active ingredients do?

VOKE’s superfood ingredients elevate daily mental focus, mood and productive energy. VOKE also helps support brain health, weight control and the immune system with Vitamin C and other antioxidants. To find out more, read our Ingredients page.

VOKE is sugar free, so what do you use to sweeten it?

We use the best sweeteners nature has to offer giving VOKE it’s unique, sweet – but not too sweet – flavor. This includes monk fruit as well as rebiana from stevia leaves. No artificial junk sweeteners. Not one.

How Much Natural Caffeine is in a VOKE?

77mg per tab, which is approximately the same amount as a small cup of coffee or strong cup of tea. VOKE contains 75 mg of Green Tea Leaf Caffeine which provides 97% of the total natural caffeine in each tab. VOKE also contains 75mg of pure Organic Guarana Seed which provides heightened mental acuity and focus, yet only contributes 2 mg of caffeine to each VOKE Tab. This unique combination elevates the bodies energy levels gradually, without spiking your system and causing jitters or a crash later.

What ingredients Does VOKE Have?

We have four active ingredients: Whole Guarana Seed, Organic Acerola Cherry, Red Beetroot and Natural Green Tea Leaf Caffeine. You can read more about those ingredients here.

VOKE BLEND 255mg: Guarana Berry Seed, Natural Red Beetroot, Natural Caffeine (77 mg), Organic Acerola Cherry

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Erythritol, Natural Flavors, Xylitol, Organic Maltodextrin, Cellulose, Palm Oil, Organic Gum Acacia, Ascorbic Acid, Guar Gum, Magnesium Stearate, Rebiana from Stevia Leaves, Monk Fruit Extract, Citric Acid


Do I have to set up a subscription?

Nope! You can order VOKE as a one time purchase. Though we definitely recommend subscribing so you get the best pricing, free shipping, and convenient automatic delivery to your door at a frequency of your choice.

I have a subscription but no login. How do I access my subscription?

To access and make updates to your subscription, all you need to do is set up a login here with the email you used to make the subscription purchase. Once the login is setup, you will have full access to your subscription details under the 'Manage Subscription' section.

How do I reactivate my subscription?

You can easily do this via your customer portal. Login at, then click ‘Manage My Subscription’ in the top center. From there, you will see an option to ‘Reactivate’ under your listed subscription.

Can I edit my next order date?

Yes! We also allow customers to skip and/or un-skip specific shipments, as well as change your frequency, quantity, and add/remove items. If you need help updaing a shipment to be on a specific date, reach out to us at or call 406.219.7770 and we can get your date changed.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB.

How much is shipping?

Domestic shipping is $3.99 for one time and subscription purchases. International shipment rates are calculated during checkout as a USPS First Class International rate.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

For domestic shipments, please allow 4-8 business days for your order to arrive from the time of your purchase.We will send you an email with tracking info as soon as your order ships so you can follow along. For international shipments, customs and domestic carriers that make the final delivery are out of our control, so please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

What if my package is damaged or missing?

Contact us at or call 406.219.7770 and we will get the issue resolved at once!

Do you ship outside of the United States?

At this time, we only offer international shipping to Canada via USPS Flat Rate International. This means a couple of things. It can take up to 3-6 weeks for your package to arrive, depending on where you are located. We also have no control over the duration of the customs process, and furthermore once the package leaves the United States we are unable to see updated tracking (the package is taken and delivered by a domestic carrier after it clears customs).

When will my credit card account be charged?

Your card will be charged immediately when you place your first order. If you sign up for a subscription, your card will be charged at the frequency that you currently have your subscription set to. You can always adjust or cancel your subscription at any time.

Do you store my credit card information?

If you place a one-time purchase, we only store your card info long enough to complete the charge. If you have a subscription, we store your credit card information within the Level 1 PCI compliant payment gateway Authorize.Net, which is fully secure. As a vendor we never have access to your full card info, and within Authorize.Net your card info is fully protected.

How do I update my shipping and/or billing information?

You can easily do this via your customer portal. Login at, then click ‘Manage My Subscription’ in the top center. To update a billing address, click ‘Billing Information’ on the left. To update the shipping address for a specific subscription, look at the address shown at the top of the subscription listing, and then click ‘edit’ on the right.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30 Day VOKE Satisfaction Guarantee return policy. If you are not happy with VOKE, we will provide a full refund of the product cost with 30 days of receipt of the product up to 60 tablets.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can easily do this via your customer portal. Login at, then click ‘Manage My Subscription’ in the top center. Next to your subscription listing you will see an option to cancel.

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