Become a VOKE Affiliate

The Voke affiliate program is for bloggers and influencers with a social media presence. Affiliates promote Voke through native content, and earn commissions on orders placed with provided affiliate links.

Our affiliates are an extension of our brand, and truly become part of the Voke team. We are seeking long-term partners, not one-offs. Building authentic relationships is paramount to us. Because of this, we have created an exclusive, high-reward affiliate program geared to support your financial success.

We’re interested in partnering with website owners that have target communities that align with the Voke Tab products. If you don’t own a website, we also work with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram communities.

How does the affiliate program work?

We host our affiliate program through the ShareASale Affiliate Network. If you’re not already an affiliate in their network, they require you to complete a quick application. Within ShareASale you’ll have access to reporting, tools, text ads, banners and our data feed. These resources are intended to help you refer traffic from your website, social media handle, or newsletter to the Voke Tab website. For every transaction you refer we’ll pay you a commission on the total order value.

Program highlights & key benefits:

As an affiliate for Voke, you will earn 15% commission on all sales. In addition, you will be eligible to earn high dollar bonuses and rewards every month through our exclusive perks program. Our affiliate program provides partners with a valuable and unique way of earning revenue. In addition to commission on sales, here are a few additional reasons to consider the VOKE affiliate program.

  • Earn 15% commissions on initial orders
  • High reward bonuses and fun incentives each month
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • $50 average order value
  • Dynamic banners
  • Individually adjusted commissions available for high performers
  • Exclusive landers, marketing content and promotional codes
  • Exclusive pricing discounts for personal Voke subscriptions
  • Access to private affiliate community
  • Easy sign-up process, reliable tracking, and timely payment in partnership with ShareASale
  • Ready to Become a Voke Affiliate?

    To apply, simply find us on ShareASale to learn more about our program - Join The Program Now!

    If you have any questions about the program, or feedback you would like to share we would love to hear from you.

    Please send your questions to evan@voke-energy.com.

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