Three Great Ways to Travel Healthier.


On your way to a graduation? Family party? Destination wedding? International adventure? There are thousands of tips out there around planning your trip, these three recommendations are to make sure you stay healthy on your way so you can enjoy every minute! 


Heading Out on a Summer Trip? Don't Forget These Helpful Tips to Stay Healthy on your way!


It is Summer, which means most of us are making time and making plans to get outside and have adventures. This is the best time of year for summer vacations, from road trips to international get-aways! Whether it’s a stay-cation at the lake or a multi-hour flight, these are my favorite suggestions for getting the most out of your summer travel!


Written By: Ila Meza
Health guru, yoga instructor and Voke editor.


1. Thriving On Your Way There:

Getting to your ultimate destination is undoubtedly the primary goal we all set when we head out on a new trip but have you considered a better goal to be making it there without getting sick?

 It is so easy to face uncomfortable travel situations like extended hours on a plane, or in a seat crammed into a car. These are my tiny tips to getting there, and thriving along your way! 

 1: Keep Away Muscle Cramps. 

 Sitting for long periods means uncomfortable positions and potential muscle cramps. My first tip is to have a banana before hopping on a plane or take some bananas with you in the car to give your body a gentle boost of potassium to help prevent cramps. You can grab a spinach salad with avocado, and that could provide you 2-3x as much potassium, plus adding vegetables to your trip diet means you are less likely to go for unhealthy snack choices. 

 2: Hydrate! 

 Drinking water should go without saying, but it is essential to mention. When traveling long distances, especially on planes, it is necessary to remember to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water can help with headache prevention. Your body will thank you for the extra h20! 

 3: Boost Your Immune System. 

 Travel can be taxing on your body, so your immune system often has to work overtime to keep you healthy. The best route for long distance traveling is to increase your vitamin C and immune support. Grab an orange or two, or opt for an immune booster vitamin to help you get through the drive or flight without compromising your health. 

 These little tricks will keep your body healthy on your way so you can thrive instead of just "surviving" the trip.


A whole avocado is 20% of your daily potassium, but they are also full of folate and Vitamin K. It makes a great green option for getting a good dose of potassium.  


2. Beat Jet-lag!

Jet lag can hit like a ton of bricks, especially when your trip moves you into a different time zone. Adjusting can be a considerable challenge for many of us. 

Luckily, if your immune system is up from traveling healthily, you are all set up to tackle jet lag while you adjust to your new time zone. 

The basics: Our bodies work best by syncing with the sun. In new time zones, our bodies have to re-adjust to the sun rising earlier or later than we are used to. This is often a bit disorienting at first. 

1. Sync with the sun. 

When you get to your new destination, give your body time to sync with the sun. If you arrive during the day, take a few moments outside to expose yourself to the natural sunlight in your area. Then keep yourself awake until the sun has gone down and take a second moment outdoors to soak up the moonlight. This exposure to natural light and dark can help with the transition to new time zones. Keeping yourself awake until the sun sets helps to push your sleep cycle back just a bit. 

 2. Keep your energy up.

To beat jet lag, you can always focus on keeping your healthy energy high. Often when we travel, we do not eat regularly. We tend to opt for quick and not-good-for-you snacks that do not add to our energy. Eating vegetables and fruits that are nutrition packed can give you that internal push of sustainable healthy energy. 

 Luckily, beating jetlag goes hand in hand with getting moving so you can tackle both challenges of travel at the same time!


Prior to electricity our bodies naturally woke with the sun. Connecting with sunlight after extensive travel in inclosed spaces can help the body reset and adjust. 


3. Get Moving!

When you make it to your ultimate vacation destination, it is essential to make sure you have the energy to enjoy every moment! 

When you arrive, one of the best things you can do is to get moving. Travel can be so taxing on us physically for several reasons, including being sedentary for long stretches. 

1. Go for a walk. 

Get oriented by taking a quick walk around your destination. You'll get to take in some sights and get a feel for the location. Walking will get your body moving, heart pumping, and give you a chance to test out the suggestion earlier, letting your body sync with the sun. Studies show that getting physically active improves our energy levels. 

2. Stretch it out.

Give yourself a minute or two for some deep stretches, the way you do when you wake up in the morning. Wake up your body, metaphorically shake off the hours of riding, driving, or flying and feel your muscles wake up to get activated, which can give you a second wind. 

3. Fuel Up.

It's a vacation! You can't afford to miss any of it, especially if you have a short trip, or a wedding, you need to energize up to hit the ground running. Don't forget to fuel up with healthy snacks to boost your energy so you can soak up the sun and the fun. 


A study conducted in Japan showed that basic outdoor excercise decreased jet lag in airline crew members after long flights and an 8 hour time zone difference. So get outside! 


( My Favorite Suggestion )

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