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Chelsea N.   |   Verified Purchase | 2018

Literally a complete lifesaver.

"Literally a complete lifesaver and have shared with everyone I know!! No jitters or crash, the most effective and easy to use afternoon supplement I've ever seen!!"

Marvin Fore   |   Verified Purchase | 2018

Curb your appetite and help you get stuff done!!!

"Let me start by saying I'm over 45 and was struggling to have enough energy to go all day. I have really enjoyed using Voke tabs, they have really helped me with my struggle to not drink soft drinks. So every morning I take one before I leave the house with a glass of water. They help curb the sugar/fat cravings you get in the morning. No more fast food death breakfast for me. Even after a long day at work and looking at a 60 min ride home isn't appealing. So taking one and drinking water makes for a safer more alert drive home. My wife noticed a difference in me and wanted to try them out. Now we order them for both of us. Try them out and see if they will work for you too."

Evan Edmond   |   Verified Purchase | 2018


"LOVE IT. Use it everyday."

Theodore LoScalzo   |   Verified Purchase | 2018

Voke Tab is a great product

"Voke Tab is a great product and I would strongly recommend it for those people who don't like coffee or stimulants... especially in the afternoon because it won't keep you awake later in the night."

Charles Reinhardt   |   Verified Purchase | 2018

I recommend the product

"Have recommended product and the reload system are top notch. The tabs help this dyslexic focus."

Amber   |   Verified Purchase | 2018

Love 'em.

"I love my Voke tab subscription. It is the best! The guys are always super friendly and helpful if I have questions. They respond immediately via email and phone if need be. Voke tabs have pretty much changed my life. Cannot say enough good things."


Jane K   |   Verified Purchase | 2018

I've been using Voke Tabs for several months now and they are great.

"I've been using Voke Tabs for several months now and they are great. I'm a visual artist and find that I often lose energy in my studio around mid-afternoon - chewing a Voke Tab perks me up quickly. The effects are long-lasting without the jitters or the energy slump that can follow a caffeinated or sugary drink. I've also used them on long drives, resulting in a noticeable increase in alertness and concentration. In addition, I am a retired Family Doctor and this is a product I would have confidently recommended to my patients as a replacement for caffeinated beverages. The packaging is perfect for carrying in a pocket or purse and I love the taste. Highly recommended!"

Willie B.   |   Verified Purchase | 2018

Like Popeyes's Spinach or Goku's Senzu Beans

"If you are an health conscious individual who is searching for an alternative to energy drinks, pre-workouts, or sugary coffee then I highly recommend you try a tin of Voke!"

Nicole Barker   |   Verified Purchase | 2018

I love Voke!

“Raising two children, working full time, trying to up keep home and family...and why not start a new business to keep things interesting:) I was exhausted! Luckily I was reintroduced to VOKE! I love VOKE!”

Jeffery Bazzi   |   Verified Purchase | 2018

A friend recommended this product to me so I figured "What the heck"

"A friend recommended this product to me so I figured "what the heck" and give it a try. All I can say is....WOW. Vastly exceeded my expectations. I love these things so much it has replaced coffee for me in the mornings."

Boone Z.   |   Verified Purchase | 2018

Hands down best energizer and focus improvement

"VOKE is the absolute best energizer and focus product out there."

“A perfect wake-up, pre workout, or mid afternoon burst of energy and mind clarity.”

— Haily U.

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